Alam Hijau Indonesia

Welcome to ALAM HIJAU INDONESIA, a direct sourcing reproduction furniture company that is operated from Indonesia but deliver all over the globe. ALAM HIJAU INDONESIA is a wooden furniture manufacturer and exporter company based in Jepara Indonesia. We specializes in french antique furniture reproduction and english-american style furniture reproduction, and work directly with local sources who have many years of experience tailoring certain styles of reproduction furnitures that is based on original styles and designs created.
We make our furniture at low prices as possible. We also accept a custom design order for hotel project with the best raw material. Our high end quality wooden furniture is different to most of internet furniture site sellers since we have our own factory located in Jepara, Central of Java, Indonesia

Buying the Right Office Furniture

Buying new office furniture for your business or home office can sometimes be a guessing game. The first thing that you need to do is decide exactly what you need and how that is going to fit into your budget. If you have computers you'll have to determine if you're going to need computer desks as well as other office equipment. If you're on a limited budget one of the simplest ways that you can update your office space is to just buy a new office chair and a new desk. You'll be able to get more functionality out of the new desks that are available today, which will immediately give you more room and space for organizing your office. If you have employees that you need to buy for you may want to see if you can get a bulk deal from manufacturers. Many times, if you're buying two or more pieces of furniture you can get a discounted price.Most offices are lacking in space so don't go overboard and buy too much furniture for the amount of space that you have. Sometimes it's better to go up in space than buy another desk or table. Use shelves to add organizational space above existing desks. You don't want to create the potential for having your office look too cluttered. A cluttered office can quickly become an environment where you have little incentive to work. Try to stick to furniture that is more functional than it may be appealing to the eye. Your goal is improve the usage that you get out of your office and not to decorate a designer office. This doesn't mean that you have to buy basement bargain furniture but you should be paying more attention to function than beauty when it comes to your office furniture. Take your time before you make your final decision by bringing home some brochures to look at and see if what you want fits into your budget.
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